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Man, 28, Kitchen assistant

I have been coming to John on a monthly basic for over 2 years. I am very proud to find a guy like him in Warwick as I'm working long hours his massage helps me a lot. The strength of John's massage is just what I need and I enjoy my visit to him. I much prefer the privacy of John's house, which is nice, clean friendly environment rather to visiting other spa. His flexibility are amazing as he is often able to fit me in at short notice. Highly recommended to everyone. 5 stars!

Man, 47, Senior manager in automotive industry

For my first massage in the UK it far beat any I've had in the last 5 years in the states. Thank you. I expect to come again!

Man, 24, Police Constable

I initially went to see John for a lot of tension that had been building up in my shoulders, through extra kit that I wear for my job. John was personable, friendly, professional and thorough in consultation and guided me towards a style of massage that he thought would help me best, but that I had not experienced before, the no-hands massage. He was not wrong; I feel much better after having the massage, calmer, I sleep better and the tension subsides. John is great for getting me to switch off, which is such a luxury in this frenetic world and that's why I'll keep coming back.

Man, 47, Fund manager.
John has a very special way about him. His care and attention puts him at the top of his field. A lot of people in the world of massage simple 'rub in oil' John goes deeper and you can feel it in the treatment. I can feel the difference. It has an immediate impact and I truly relax while in his care. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to fix a physical issue or find a zone where relaxation will allow stress to disperse.

Woman, 34, Manager

I have had difficulty in the past dealing with the stresses that a full and active life can bring. Massage is one of the most effective ways that I have found to keep balanced and healthy. John is very professional with a quiet sense of strength and wisdom, and I feel such benefits from the massage therapy he provides. I recently suffered from a headache for several weeks and after trying all manner of remedies, it was a massage from John that finally shifted it. If you've ever wondered whether to try a massage or not, don't think any more; just try it and I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed!

Man, 44, water engineer
Before I visited John I had had limited experience of massage and was a little apprehensive. However, I was soon put at ease with a phone conversation and with text messages from John; he told me what to expect and I felt that I would be in safe hands and that he would treat me with respect. This proved to be the case. I came in to a relaxing environment, felt comfortable and found John very approachable. I felt that I wanted to book in again and I have now had a series of treatments, which have been incredible! I am very busy at work and had been suffering from pains in my right shoulder as a result of a broken collarbone. These are now much better and I am sleeping much better too. I also have a lot to cope with in my personal life: my wife is in the later stages of MS and with two children in the house there is a lot to occupy my time, and emotional energy. The massage has done more for me physically and mentally than I expected - they are fantastic - they provide an opportunity for me just to be. I feel that I can connect with my deepest self whilst recharging my batteries.

Male, 59, Chief Executive
I have been having full body massage from John on a regular basis for several years now. Massage, with regular swimming and a certain amount of dance, keeps this 59 yr old fit. It helps me keep in tune with my body and grounded in the world. It all keeps me in touch with reality and able to focus on what is important for me. Thanks John

Male, 41, Doctor

When I first started having severe lower back pain, I looked for relief through massage. I immediately found John’s efficient massage helpful in alleviating my symptoms. His approach is holistic, professional and thorough and he is very pleasant to interact with. As my back pain settled gradually, I also noticed the other benefits of the massage, which included the relaxing effect on the whole body, as well as, the refuelling effect on the mind. I would definitely like to continue with this treatment on a regular basis and I will recommend it to my friends.

Widow, 75
I strongly recommend this new colon massage to anyone that has any form of stomach discomfort to severe pain. Only 3 treatments and I can carry shopping, buckets of water and not be running for the toilet all the time! Have had decades of this type of problem, pills never helped but John has and I am planning on many more visits to him.

Man, 26, Businessman
I had back pain and tensed body due to pressure of work and study, and mostly from my sports because I am in martial arts from last 5 years. I searched for a nice massage and I end up having it from John and I am a man, who got massage done from different countries including China, Pakistan, Russia, UAE, Australia etc so it wasn't easy to satisfy me, but I have to say it that he has got skills and experience and I was happy to find him. My body was relaxed and a lot more energetic afterwards. After that I go regular to him and yes doctors have diagnosed me with slipped disc in my backbone now, and John is helping me in that by giving right massage and my back is improving gradually. So I strongly recommend John for whatever need you want massage for, because he also advises on your daily routine and your diet. I think I am writing like an essay now so I better finish it here. TRY it before you make any comments and you will enjoy it.

Woman, 27, Operational Manager
I learned about the benefits of regular massage from my father but a long time had elapsed since I last had a treatment. I am in a very stressful job and I realised I wasn't dealing with the stress well. Eventually I felt I had reached my limit and I searched for a therapist. John listened carefully to what I had to say and gave me a deep massage. He warned me that I might have a healing crisis and I did! I didn't sleep at all well the first night and I had a headache the following day. However after this crisis had passed I felt much better. My mood is much improved and even my digestion is better; the treatment did much more than I expected! Now, I feel as though I can deal with my stress. Even those around me have noticed: my husband thinks my mood is better and that I am more in control; even my line manager, who had been feeling worried about me, noticed the difference! Now, when I have a massage I don't have the initial healing crisis; instead I feel much more relaxed and generally looser and freer straightaway. I would say that my condition has improved about 85% since my first visit, now I look forward to my regular treatments and I totally recommend John's treatments.

Man, 39, IT Contractor

I was contracting in the area and decided to use John based on the reviews on his website, and I couldn’t have been happier.

At the first session, although having a specific area I needed therapy on, John and I spent half an hour talking about my lifestyle and I found it very easy to talk to John and quickly felt at ease. The therapy I received has had a great impact on my day to day life and not only does my back feel a great deal better but both my family and I have noticed that I am a lot more relaxed where before I was a bag of stress. Thanks John for all your help.

Man, 61, Builder
I have been coming to John on a monthly basis for over six years. I am very keen at keeping fit and find that massage helps a lot. The strength of John’s massage is just what I need and I enjoy my visits to him. I much prefer the privacy of John’s house to visiting a health spa. I value the facilities and appreciate his flexibility on appointments, as he is often able to fit me in at short notice.

Woman, 47, Independent Financial Adviser
I have recently started using John as a massage therapist and I am very impressed with the thorough and holistic service that he offers. John takes a significant amount of time and care to undertake a full consultation prior to the initial massage to establish my health, concerns, requirements and expectations. During the discussions he sets benchmarks to improve my health and well being and he then monitors at ongoing consultations. He is professional, maintaining my dignity and self-confidence whilst giving a thoroughly relaxing and expert massage identifying various areas that need to be worked on at future consultations. I feel comfortable and confident in his hands.

Man, 41, Managing Director
Thanks for the wonderful treatment yesterday and I look forward to another meeting sometime next week. Would you believe I went to bed at 11pm and slept till 8.45. Both massage and a good nights sleep…. Heaven!

Man, 57, Charity Chief Executive
John has been giving me massages every month for more than ten years. For three of those years I was the prime carer for my terminally ill partner. John's massage was one of the 'treats' that helped me remember who I was and helped me get through an intense and difficult experience. John keeps the connections between body and soul well linked.

Male 29
IT support
The treatments was much more relaxing than I was expecting. You re-assured me (without saying anything). The past two or three nights I have had deep sleeps which is quite rare for me: a knock on from the massage?

Widow 74

I have had massages around the world but highly recommend John a lasting effect. One treatment gave me the ability to do common household tasks without the pain which I had had for more than eighteen months.

Male 58 IT Services
I have received several treatments from John, initially at alleviate shoulder pain and on other occasions to help combat the stresses and strains of today’s hectic environment. His professional approach of completing an initial assessment, which has subsequently been updated, and using a variety of techniques, strokes and pressures have resulted in me now being free of shoulder pain and I leave feeling both relaxed, refreshed and de-stressed.
I can recommend John’s professional massage treatment, which is conducted in a clean, warm and friendly environment. It has helped to alleviate shoulder pain, enable me to de-stress and relax. My treatment session normally lasts about an hour; John does not “clock watch”. However, the benefits last considerably longer.

Male 54 Counsellor

I appreciated the thorough consultation process, prior to the treatment. This helped to calm me and focus on what was about to happen. The combination of talking and setting ground rules is good – it made me feel comfortable. I found you very personable. I felt secure, safe, cared for; there was nothing about the treatment which made me feel uncomfortable.

I like the idea of coming to someone’s house; this seems more personal  - if you meet people going in and out of the gym (at a health spa), there is no time for personal space whereas the privacy of a house gives time to reflect before re-engaging with the world.

Male 54 IT Manager

I like massage and usually have one once a month. Although I live a long way from Warwick I found myself nearby and with free time so looked for someone local. Having experienced your treatment I will definitely come back when I’m in the area again. Your consultation was efficient and professional. You are clearly an experienced masseur and you handled the treatment well. You had confidence and a variety of massage styles and techniques which made the treatment more interesting. I prefer to visit a house rather than a health spa; I have only had a few massages in health spas – masseurs are clearly clock watching. You were not so I didn’t feel rushed at all and I appreciated this.

Male 39 finance consultant
Having never had a massage before I was quite unsure what to expect. I was put at ease very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the de-stress and relaxation. I got the feeling that my requirements were taken into account and everything about the experience made me want to go back for more. At a time when I really needed to take some time to relax from the stresses and strains it was just what I needed.

Female 35 accounts administrator

As a sufferer of a neurological degenerative illness, I experience stress, aches and pain caused by poor posture, and sleeplessness; my weekly session of Indian head massage with John is the best form of total relaxation therapy I have tried so far.  I quite literally "switch off" for an hour, and afterwards I feel completely free of tension and stress. I also find that if I have my treatment immediately after my weekly injection of Beta Interferon, there is no need to take the medication required to relieve the painful headaches which are a recognised side-effect of the drug.

Male 50 university lecturer
A wonderful,relaxing sensation which left me feeling warm and free of tension. John's touch was firm yet sensitive making me feel secure and very relaxed.

Female 51 charity manager
John's calm and gentle manner helps me to relax and entrust myself to his holistic care. His treatment always leaves me feeling refreshed, and his ability to vary the treatment to suit my current stresses helps me to cope with my busy life.

Female 50 nurse
I have been seeing John for nearly a year now, every two weeks for the first four months and since then I visit him on a monthly basis. Initially I was experiencing problems sleeping, mild depression and lower back pain with shoulder and neck discomfort, a common problem in my job. After my first Indian head massage I had the best night's sleep in months. It was brilliant! John's gentle but firm massages have certainly made me feel better both physically, when I have lower back pain, shoulder and neck discomfort, and spiritually and psychologically when I'm feeling tired and stressed. My time with John has certainly been well spent; I look forward to my treatments and have no hesitation in recommending others to him.

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