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Frequently asked questions

q       Where are you located?

Cocksparrow Street is next to the town centre in Warwick. It is close to the M40 and the A46 and so is convenient for those travelling a distance, whether by car bus or train.

q       Is parking available?

Free parking is available on the forecourt, and there is parking on the street free for two hours.

q      What are your charges?

I am happy to give details of my fee structure. Please telephone or e-mail for more information.

q       What if I have a medical condition?

Your first visit will be preceded with a full consultation in which we can discuss the implications of any condition you may have.

q      Do I need to take off my clothing?

This depends entirely on the treatment! For instance, you will need to remove only your footwear for reflexology; Indian head massage can be administered with you fully clothed; on the other hand, a body massage with high quality oils is best received with a minimum of clothing.

q       Will I be able to shower before or after the treatment?

I have a shower next to my treatment room and you will be able to shower there using shower gel and soft white towels.

q       Are your premises accessible by wheel chair?

Unfortunately not, but I am happy to travel to people with mobility issues. A small charge may be made for transport.

q   Is it safe to eat before a treatment?

It can be extremely uncomfortable to eat immediately prior to a massage. Your digestive system really needs to be at rest so, for best results, do not eat in the two hours prior to your treatment. It is fine to take non-alcoholic
drinks and drinking plenty of water is positively recommended for the period  after your treatment.

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My premises
are not wheel-chair accessible. Home visits are possible for those with access issues.